In week one, I was reminded how different technologies are today in Gerald’s post versus when we grew up. The approach he took with comparing todays calculators with the 4-function calculator was genius. It is funny how simplistic the design was, compared to the graphing capabilities we have at our fingers today.

Another obsolete way to doing things was raising our hands to answer surveys, akreadingteacher, talked about electronic clickers. These devices let the instructor give surveys in a Delphi (anonymous) method, while recording the results for research at a later time. The clickers are now outdated as well with a simple smart phone app. There is no longer a need for the $60 devices.

Melissa talked about two great inventions Facebook and the STEM program. I do agree that Facebook is emerging in that we continually have updates. I can’t say enough praise about the STEM program I love that my kids are able to learn the latest technologies in school. My son created a timer Java program for NASA. Projects like these were unheard of when I was in high school and by the time first grader is in high school, we these methods will also be obsolete.