674 W10 Reflection

This week we talked about the changes that elearning has brought on the educational industry. While online learning has brought conveniences to the student, it has brought many challenges to the universities at a fast rate. They are challenged with using the latest technology and ensuring that their instructors are incorporating the new programs. Teachers have limited time schedules and are not 12 month employees, most of the time. This puts a great strain on the teachers along with sols and other state mandated standardized testing requirements. I think most teachers are handling the changes well. I do worry that we will continue to ask more of their time.


I learned from my peers:

  • Sara talked about change. I brought up how we can be resistant to it.
  • Mariah brought up great points about how elearning can be virtual which can save the universities money.
  • Teresa talked about the challenges with keeping up with technology. She also talked about the 4 key elements to design a successful lesson plan.

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