674 Week 10

Essential Question: How can we manage the change that is inherent in our distance learning efforts?

This week we talked about how online learning is constantly changing and how to successfully cope. Because distance education relies on the technology, it will never be a one-answer solution to all our needs. Hardware, software, other teaching aids (tools) and even browsers are always updating and becoming obsolete. The challenge is how do we deal with all of it?

Because I have been in the IT field, I can see that I have seen some many great tools and even more that we not so good. I try to hone in on what my inner circle needs and what is relevant to what I am trying to do. I try to become familiar with them and see what other comparable technologies exist. I would think the same goes for the educational industry. There are so many useful programs that we are just waiting to be discovered.

Because these technologies are surfacing so fast, instructors do not always have time to be trained properly on how to use them. I do think that this factor that can affect the quality of the lesson plans. Instructors need to be allowed access to training and time so that they can develop quality lessons.


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4 thoughts on “674 Week 10

  1. tmerculief says:

    Josie- I think this is true. There are so many useful programs that we are just waiting to be discover. I am amazed of how many programs and apps and lessons that you can choice from. Yes training is important as well because when you learn something new then you need to have time for training so you can use it correctly.


  2. Teresa says:

    You’re absolutely correct. There’s never going to be one solution to meet everyone’s needs. Teacher training can be a huge part of success or failure in schools and classrooms. It’s not fun or interesting usually, but the information is important. Teachers are usually so busy and worry about what needs to be done that they don’t like sitting and listening to things, which feels like wasted time. However, training on new online resources and new technology is so important to best utilize these to incorporate into lessons. How to use a SmartBoard or how to use Pearson Realize (the online supplement to the Pearson programs) for example, would really enhance classroom activities, make learning more fun, and interesting. The reality is, most people won’t take the time to explore or it may seem too daunting to do on their own, that without training, these resources won’t be tapped into.


  3. dlmarshallblog says:

    Josie, you said “Because these technologies are surfacing so fast, instructors do not always have time to be trained properly on how to use them.” I need to know how to drive the car before I am willing to go on the highway. In fact, right now, I need to know the basics about how to fix the car as well. this is so important in the delivery of a successful online experience and I appreciate that you pointed it out.

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  4. Sara Lucas says:

    This is exactly what I was thinking this week. After reading this week we know that so much new stuff pops up daily. It is just a matter of finding the thing that are useful. I have tried many things in my classroom. Some things I love and somethings I never try again. It is a cycle. PD is a great source of new things to try that have been tested. I always love going to conferences and learning something new. Sometimes from the presenter and other times just from talking with other teachers.


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