674 Wek 9 ~ Reflections

We talked about how global distance education has greatly benefits so many foreign students. We talked about the funding (and lack of) needed to create the online distance education option and some of the benefits. We all talked in our class session where we think the trends will go and what future options might look like. We all believe the online education is just starting to boom. We think that the education industry will continue to grow because the general public is now starting to see the benefits of online education.


What I learned from my peers this week:

  • Amy talked about the benefits of how the different cultures of students are able to attend one class.
  • Dan talked about how distance classes make efficient use of today’s technology; exposing students to the latest trends.
  • Theresa talked about how other countries are investing in their citizens by allowing generous funding for higher education which in turn produces higher quality of population.

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