674 Week 6 Reflection

This week we talked about Assistive Technology. I love having so many tools to help us with our limitless challenges. We are able to provide tools to help students progress in their learning. We looked at several this week. I did love the BeeLine Reader. I can see how that will help my daughter going forward. Having the words color coded helps my child with knowing which word she is on and she said it is so easy to follow. I had no idea that Google Chrome had so many tools readily available. To be honest, I don’t use Google Chrome all that much. My preferred browser is Firefox. However, after this week, I have started using it more.

This week, I learned from my classmates:

  • Cherie referenced the ADDIE model. I loved the reference as it being the blue print for a successful learning plan.
  • Amy did a great job at using the what, how, and why of learning. She mentioned a great point, that if students are engaged, they will learn.
  • Dan used a great analogy between running and online education. We need to keep challenging ourselves. We did great things when we push ourselves.

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