Week 5 Reflection

674 – Week 5 Reflection


This week we talked about the design of instruction and how it impacts the student’s learning. My own opinion is that lessons and textbooks must be designed with the right audience in mind. I do not like to read books that feel Fisher Price or they are so high level I have to refer to a dictionary. The lesson plan needs to support the audience. We learned that SID provides a template for creating the lesson plans.


I learned from my classmates:

  • Dan stated that having a team of teacher to craft lesson plans can be key to meeting all of the required points. In addition, the team effort ensures that all students are exposed to the same material.
  • Teresa talked about how the ADDIE model can be used to build the lesson plans. As well as clear goals and objectives are key to a successful learning session.
  • Theresa stated that the right team members are needed to create effective learning plans in engaging the students. Communication is another key requirement.

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