674 Reflection

This week, I focused on the successful Online Collaboration Learning side of Community of Practice. We didn’t really talk about anything that was not successful in OCL. I do see many trade off to an online class versus a traditional class. One being there is less interaction between students with online classes. There is something about face to face meeting that is more personal then a virtual online relation.

  • Cherie talked about how the University of Phoenix was the first online university. She provided many examples of communities of practice that overlap our common lives.
  • Dan talked about how the Net Gen is student center which is now moving away from the teacher-centered style. The challenges of the time it takes to create a quality learning plans and the lack of needed funding for teachers.
  • Bridget talked about how Distance Education spans different countries with different languages. Which lead me to another that point that because the class is online, a translation tool can be used to bridge the gap.

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