OLTAK Week 3 Reflection


This week I was the lead for my instructional team with Amy and Cherie. I had a great time learning about Quizlet and planning our session. I am very thankful for my active team members. This week we talked about how Collaboration, Discourse, and technology all work together to bring us Online Learning.

I read many great arguments about how each component of the three keys are important. However, we were almost all in agreement that technology is the avenue that brings the three together without the internet – we would not be able to part take in online learning.

  • Through Amy, we learned that “the current Knowledge Age throws information at learners faster than they can process it independently” I remember reading that statement and thinking how true. There is no way we could process a search in minds that would be comparable to Google.
  • Cherie further supported my thought that without the internet, we would not be able to “achieve collaboration and discourse without technology”.
  • Mariah brought up a great point that one must feel connected to do their best work. If one feels judge and not accepted they might not participate in class. Or if they do, they might only participate partially in an activity.

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