674 OLTAK – Week 2

EQ: How do learning theories manifest themselves in online courses?

This week we talked about the three main learning theories: Behaviorist, Cognitivist, and Constructivist. Behaviorism seems to be the most widely used method.The reward model is classical example for the behavior model. Constructivist is a great movement that is geared toward student centered learning.

I do believe that a successful teacher will switch between the three models to deliver the lesson plan depending on the topic and skill set of the students. There needs to be differences in the online delivery versus traditional classes.


What I learned this week from my peers:

  • Theresa talked about how Constructivism learners an active role in monitoring their learning and reflecting on their growth.


  • Cherie stated that “learners should focus on the expected outcomes while learning” and that we should use a measurement to see how successful the learning is.


  • Dan, being a veteran teacher, had great words of wisdom. He talked about the reward model.

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