677 Week 11 – Reflections


This week we talked about to stay updated on current 21st century technology and how to implement the strategies in the classroom. I learned many new ways of finding the latest information and some that were the same as my current method.

What I learned from my classmates this week:

  • Amy brought a great resource that we can use – college classes. I thought that this was genius. I have learned about so many different technologies with successful examples through my past classes.
  • Altea method was to poll the students on current trends. Also to exercise our brains versus using automated tools. I do believe that we have so many conveniences today that we forget how to write a simple letter with real paper and pen.
  • Gerald talked about what leadership means to teaching and the shift for students to be responsible for their own learning. I do love this movement. Children will be making life choices in high school, it is good to prepare them for these decisions. Assigning responsibility for important matters like school with age appropriate tasks will be key to being prepared later in life.

We had so many ideas on how to tackle the tasks. These were just a few of my favorite ideas. I think as with anything in life, we need to continue to sharpen these talents by staying updated on these technologies. Not only knowing what technologies are out there, we need to know thoroughly know problem we need to solve. We need to be able to take the available tools and compare them to the problem or need to select the best method. Being able to use the right tools for the right need is key.





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