677 Robotics – Wk10 Reflections


I learned this week that our Makerspace name is a way that we can brand our idea for a Maker space. I read a lot of ideas about how to make the event memorable and which should inspire future reoccurring events. Have the right mind frame, event space and relevant technologies is key to a successful Makerspace program.

Gerald brought up a great point about creating a desire to compete, not just participate. I think that our current time everybody gets a ribbon for participating. I think that the winners should still get a trophy. Children need to have a prize for achieving first place. It is a reward for hard work, we need more of that.

Jeff talked about the need for having the right space for the event. This is so important. I have been to events where the kids felt crowded with no elbow room. I have always been one that needs to be able to space my materials so that I can see what I am working with.

Sara brought up a great point that learning needs to fit into our world. Relevance to technology is a must. Students need to be able to relate to what the topic subject is so that they can see how the devices fit into their worlds. Students in Alaska might think that surfing technologies are cool, but seeing new technology for skiing or snowboarding has more relevance to geographic. It is easier to get people involved with new technology when they see how it can benefit their worlds.


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