677 Robotics – Week 10: Why does “YOUR SCHOOL NAME HERE” need a makerspace?

Week Ten: Why does “YOUR SCHOOL NAME HERE” need a makerspace?

Anchorage School District needs a Markerspace. In Alaska, we struggle with finding indoor activities during our long winters for students of all ages. Markerspace is a great what for our students to express their creativity and curiosity through tinkering. We need to be able to create a connection into the new STEAM concept that is sweeping our country.

According to Diana Rendina (media specialist/school librarian at a Magnet school), “Educators have discovered the power of markerspaces in schools to build competencies and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Rendina was able to start her Maker space program in her school library with three bins of K’nex which evolved into more themes later.




According to rockislandtechie.com:

THINK – Students begin by thinking through the problem, project or challenge that they have been presented; this incorporates many pre-planning activities that teacher commonly ask of students – brainstorming, predicting, designing, researching, etc.

MAKE – Students then put their thinking into making; depending on what their project is, this is the heart of their work and the practical and exploratory application of their ideas generated during the first stage.

IMPROVE – Students will constantly be analyzing their product or project as they are making and other students might also come up with ways to improve on their original designs. Martinez and Stager (2013) break down this stage to two eventualities – will students decide to fix their product if it’s not working properly or when they are “done”, will they decide to make it better? In this way, they will circle back to thinking about these improvements and the project evolves or shifts.

The benefits to the participants are endless: “The maker education approach to learning is highly individual yet lives within certain boundaries. It recognizes that no two students will learn the same concepts at the same rate. It even recognizes that some peripheral concepts may not be learned by all students. Yet students faced with a common challenge to design their own unique solutions will naturally come to some common understanding” (Kurti, Kurti, & Fleming, 2014, para 4).”

I do believe that once we have rolled out a plan for the Anchorage Markerspace, make the event open to the public, students will come out to enjoy the event. My kids love going to community events, especially when they know their friends will be there. Advertising in the schools will inspire attendance. Being able to hang out with their friends to build stuff is a good day for my kids.


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2 thoughts on “677 Robotics – Week 10: Why does “YOUR SCHOOL NAME HERE” need a makerspace?

  1. catherinesquared says:

    You put a different spin on needing a makerspace that I didn’t think about, the Alaska winters. I know students at the elementary level are required to go outside for recess unless the temperature dips below a certain level. However, sometimes kids want a different option. At my middle school the gym has been condemned since the earthquake last January/February, and with the bond not passing and the budget being cut, we aren’t sure when it will be repaired. Last winter the P.E. department had to be inventive at times to find places for their kiddos when the weather wouldn’t allow them to go out. You’ve made an interesting point!


  2. unicyclepro says:

    I’m surprised Anchorage schools don’t have one. But then again, your district is HUGE. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone’s innovative ideas if someone did have one. 🙂 I do believe that a community-based makerspace in Anchorage would have great traction and support. A community makerspace would be a great resource for all people. Yes, the winters are long and dark. What better way to pass time than to create!


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