Week 9: Reflections

Reflections ~

This week we talked about how we are going to plan our Maker Day. I have a very simplistic kick off, a day in the park with a few booths. I would like for my event to grow going forward after my pilot event.


This is what I learned from my peers:

  • Amy brought up a great point about having forming a committee to help plan the event. I am a “Do-er” so I forget to ask for help sometimes. She supported her idea with the “Less us, more them” motto.
  • Altea is using her day as a spinoff of Science day. I will reuse her idea of using opportunities like making stages for plays and proms for future Maker day get-togethers.
  • Jeff will add Minecraft to his Maker day. He brought up great point about involving parents, students, and the community to his event.


My classmates had various ideas about their projects. I learned about new avenues of funding and ideas about different themes as well. Having signs where to start and what each booth is for you would be helpful. I will definitely use Amy’s idea of having a committee to hold my event.


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