Can you teach more than you know?

When I read the topic, I thought how interesting. When I think of my current level of knowledge, I think of a limited scope. Teaching more than you know, means that you are learning with your students. This type of learning builds the relationship in the classroom and sets the tone for a successful environment.


What I learned from my classmates this week:

In reading Sarah’s post, she brought up the fact that Education is not a “one size fits all” solution. I like that she also thinks that we should be able to pull away from the standards and customize education if a student needs it. Genevieve stated that we need to teach responsibility at an early age and how responsibilities challenge and empower children. She supported her post by explaining how mistakes are part of independent learning. Gerald’s post was about allowing students to take ownership of their learning. He further supported his idea by using a substitute teacher example and how students often feel like the established norms in the classroom are now followed while the teacher is away.


I can think of one History professor that I had in junior college that taught Early American Civilization. She had been teaching that same class she said for more than 30 years. She was always excited about the different history figures and their contributions to our country. Even though her knowledge was in a limited scope, she was able to learn more and more about the subjects even though history facts do not change.


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