677 Robotics – Week 6 Reflections

This week we talked of how we plan to make our Markerspace, the cost and funding. It was hard for me to decide where to start and how to organize my ideas. Did I want to start with the latest technology like a 3D printer, or should I just do a small craft station? I read many great ideas from my classmates.

Amy used a detailed list of supplies for her making space. She also decided to start small then build onto something bigger when the funding allowed it. Teresa’s idea was also detailed. She listed many different venues for resources and many options for funding. Kate’s Fabrication station idea was my favorite. I love that she would introduce quilting and sewing to students. I always finding it enjoyable to hear that kids are using their hands to make things.

I thought that I would read high priced items like the 3D printers and new iMacs. But I didn’t see anyone that was extravagant in the planning. Most were modest, trying to use what they had, or requesting small donations. A lot of posts had detailed list of items and even how to fund their ideas.

I asked a few of my teacher friends if they had Makerspaces and what they would stock them with. Most of them were small spaces and themed, a lot involved Legos or crafts. I received many ideas about what future funding could purchase. I am happy to report, that all of my classmates and teacher friends were thrifty and not wasteful with funding. All of my teacher friends loved the maker spaces and the students too.




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