677 Robotics ~ Week 6

Essential Question: What stuff will you stock your making space with, what’s the cost, and how will you fund it?

I had a hard time organizing my thoughts for this week’s topic. We went to the beach today, so I will talk about the Markerspace that I created for our adventure today. When we go to the beach, we always take toys for the kids to build and create with. We take buckets, shovels, and castle molds. We also take other items like a baking funnel, rolling pin, and lots of hotwheels cars. Most kids build sandcastles, but our boys like to build road tracks with the bucket and molds. They sometimes gather washed up seaweed as traps. It is funny watching their immigration come alive while they tinker.

I want to mention that fact that I saw my eleven-year-old daughter in a growth mindset mode today. She tried and tried to use a skimboard. She tried, failed, and tried again without any direction. Many people were watching. She was finally able to stand on the board and ride the waves in by the end of the day.

If you haven’t seen a skimboard before, here is a link:


My plan to implement a marker space in a classroom setting would require lots of counter space. I would look at some ideas from Pinterest. I think that I would try a few small ideas before moving into bigger projects. I love the idea that Makezine.com used, utilizing arrows and card boxes with direction cards. My budget for the initial Makerspace would be a low cost, since I am just implementing small projects. I would try to use the tools that I already have and ask parents for small donations. I would try to keep my cost for tools under $250 at project start and then grow as needed. I would continue to ask for donations from parents and the community.


MarkerSpace materials:

Items Qty Price
Legos set 10 $10
Playdoh 10 Have
Cardboard 5 Have
Dot and Dash 1 $50
K’Nex 4 $25
Keva Structures 3 Have

Total                                                      $250


Funding: Community, school PTA, Go Fund Me, and Parents.

Since I am starting out at a modest amount, my fund raising efforts will increase later. I will first as for parents and the school PTA to start the markerspace. I will next ask the community and Go Fund Me when more supplies are needed. Grants will also be researched as the projects grow, such as a need for a 3D printer in the near future. I estimate that the initial cost for the printer to be around $2300 for the Airwolf HDL. Supplies will also need to be raised.


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One thought on “677 Robotics ~ Week 6

  1. Sara Lucas says:

    I remember trying so hard to skim board when I was younger. It is definitely tough but once you get it, it feels so good. Great example of a growth mindset!

    I feel like I am in a similar place as you on the budget. I want to start small first because I know if I go all out I will feel overwhelmed and would be likely to toss the idea. I don’t think this is a bad idea and I am glad to hear someone else feels the same. My cost was very similar to yours. I estimate my costs to be about $200 for initial supplies and then added on $100 for maintenance. I have tons of random supplies and need to reorganize my cabinets and counter space. I feel like a counter is a great feature to have in a maker classroom.


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