677 Robotics ~ Week 5 Reflections

This week we spoke of the relationship between teaching and learning. I found this topic to be very interesting. I do think that you can have one without the other, meaning you can teach and your students not learn the message. The same for the opposite, you are able to learn without a teacher. However, our goal as educators should be to deliver a message and our students gain a new learning from experience whether direction instruction or though a marker space.

  • Through Catherine we learned that she had the same view as I did about traditional teaching being a one-way conversation.
  • Anastasia, used the “less us, more them” concept. I do love the movement toward student-oriented environments.
  • Amy brought up great points that changing textbooks or how tests are administered are necessities to revamp the educational system.

I would like to teach with student interaction. I want the students to have markerspace with time to tinker and learn. I want to give them the tools to discover and fail. I would like to develop lesson plans for teaching so that my students do learn. I don’t want to be another robot teacher.


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