Reflections for Week 4

I found this week’s topic to be one of my favorites. I liked talking about how we will take the concepts that we learn in this class and use them in the real world. Some of the posts I read referenced articles and others used examples from real life.

I learned that Teresa plans to use the Makey Makey theories into a second grader project. She is going to use a rubric to measure her students’ project. I love the she is utilizing what she is learning to help her teach.

Catherine brought up a good point that a lot of students probably use search engines to solve homework. When they do so, they do not always learn the concepts, just the answer to the problems. They are not able to apply the knowledge in other problems.

Kate had a fun example, she used the old story of the Three Little Pigs. I found that her morale of the story was that you must have a solid foundation to withstand the wolf. Her thoughts lingered as to whether the sticks and straw houses had been re-engineered that maybe they would have been strong enough to be puff-proof.

This was a fun topic for the week and the blogs were genius. I don’t always feel like we learn concepts in class that we can utilize later. We had many good idea about how to incorporate making into the classroom.






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