Reflections for Week 3

I found the topic of how struggle is a part of an essential aspect to learning, that is common with the growth mindset very interesting. Math is a great example, students have to know how to work each problem by reviewing a few examples and having a concrete foundation of the concepts. However, what if you have a fixed mindset and can’t get grasp the concept. Does that mean that you will never learn Algebra or you need to see the problems in a way that you can understand?

Amy’s approach was her real life example of her daughter and how she in her own time was able to master reading. This is why I think that maturity is a factor. My daughter had the same issues and it seems to resolve itself around the third grade, for girls anyway.

The knowledge with how to master reading is carried over into life into other problem solving situations as well, as Sara mentioned. Hard work is the key and seeing the victory of a challenge are keys to be successful in life. This is how a growth mindset works.

Genevieve brought up a great point that I don’t think was address. What do we do with a student that has a fixed mindset? What happens when you have a student that is given more than the usual resources for inspiration to create, but does nothing with them. Is there anything we can do to inspire creativity? Does this change with different approaches of teaching? Is it a maturity or environment influence?

I do think that hard concepts like Algebra can be taught in different ways to students to help them learn the concepts. I have to say that anyone can learn the subject given enough time and resources. The key is finding the right combination for each individual student. I do not think that the current standardized levels are helping students. They didn’t for my daughter, she had an IEP for most of elementary school, without them I don’t know that she would have the grades she eventually learned to achieve.







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